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I have been on pretty much every anti-depressant out there for the last 7 years. The last few were Lexapro 20 mg, then switched to Zoloft, which made me feel like I wasn't on anything at all and I began having anxiety which turned into panic attacks. I was put on Ativan 1.5 mg a day and 20 mg Paxil, which was raised to 40mg. This past year I was diagnosed with ADD, so Adderall XR was added....can't remember the dose because I had an allergic reaction, and moved on to Focalin XR. I thought they both worked very well. I was totally on target, focused and awake. However my jaw felt clenched a lot which gave me headaches. I saw a new PCP last week who put me on Pristiq and took me off everything else. It makes me so sleepy, but so far so good!

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