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I've used several different prescription creams for my atopic dermatitis. But this medication is the most effective in comparison to dozens other meds. I have been having continuous outbreaks on my face and my arms and sometimes on other body parts. Protopic is the only cream that provided me with long-lasting relief so far. The majority of other atopic dermatitis meds I used only provided temporary relief. While Protopic drove away all the symptoms without causing other skin conditions.
My dermatologist gave me a sample of Protopic Ointment for itching palms. He diagnosed me with eczema. The itching was so bad that I even scratched me palms to blood. I applied it one evening to both palms. In the morning I woke up with not even a sign of any itching and the palms healed considerably. I have to admit that Protopic Ointment really effectively reduces the inflammation of the skin in eczema and heals it. I would recommend this ointment to everyone with eczema.

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